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We just spent 4 days in LaPush....I'm so peaced out! There was a good balance between mild weather for hiking and super stormy omgthosewaves weather. I had no internet, no phone, only my books and conversation with Jon over tarot cards, Liber LXV, a hike to 2nd beach, several baths in the soaking tub for two, and a quite Magickal walk in the wood.

We sang songs at the top of our lungs most of the way there and back again, including Queen's "FLASH!" in honor of Flash underwear. I also purchased some new rain boots with a native pattern on them that are super cute.

In other news, being be-Twilighted (we also sang E.L.O.'s song, Twilight, and Hungry Like the Wolf as we entered the Forks/LaPush area), there wasn't a significant difference in the area, thank the gods. Yes, there were references on a few storefronts, on a few restaurant menus, and a few corners had some tacky Vampirephenalia, but Forks was still boring ol' Forks and LaPush is still an amazing unplugged getaway. I did count three locations that had life sized actor cut-outs, and there were signed actor headshots available at the resort office...but it was small in proportion to the native art and normal souvenirs.

I've updated my list of LaPush essentials this trip, to keep the experience real.

Speaking of Flash, I was having a few lately. Or at least I thought I was. I was still having intermittent insomnia, waking in the night way overheated after having what seemed like fever dreams. Turns out *someone* had adjusted our thermostat timer to go up to 72ยบ at about 10:30 each night. With the vent right over our bed...oi!

I've reprogrammed the thing and have had a good nights sleep ever since!


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