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The following event is open to the public, so please cross post to whatever group(s) you think might have interest. Thanks!

An Evening with Antero Alli

Join us for a workshop and Q & A session with author, filmmaker, and astrologer Antero Alli
Open to all - admission $10.00

Aleister Crowley considered ritual conversation with the Holy Guardian Angel the central work of the Thelemic magickian. Though I am neither Crowleyite or a member of any magickal order, I have created and have been immersed in a group ritual technology for Self-initiation since 1977, something I call “paratheatre”. Over the last year, I have been working with two groups of eight seasoned ritualists using techniques of paratheatre to engage ritual conversation with the H.G.A. (which I also know by two other names: Genius and Daemon). In this lecture, I present the central revelations, techniques, and ritual forms developed in our experiments and leave it to the respected audience to determine their value and legitimacy.

ANTERO ALLI is the author of ANGEL TECH, THE EIGHT-CIRCUIT BRAIN, TOWARDS AN ARCHEOLOGY OF THE SOUL, ASTROLOGIK, PREGNANT UNIVERSE (with CS Hyatt) and THE VERTICAL ORACLE (with Sylvi Pickering). He is founder/director of ParaTheatrical ReSearch (since 1977), a core group of ritualists dedicated to developing asocial group rituals for engaging archetypal dynamics. Antero is also an Astrologer and a prolific underground filmmaker (since 1993) with 12 feature-length art films to his credit. He currently resides with his wife, the composer, singer, Sylvi Alli, in Berkeley California. Check out his body of work at

To register for this event, please visit the Horizon Oasis website:

Saturday, May 28
7:00 p.m.
Horizon Oasis
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Subject line edited for work safeness...YES that's the word I mean :)

Presented by Sr. Diotima
Saturday, March 26th, 8:00 p.m. at Horizon Oasis
open to all genders

Today's Sisters are strong willed, powerful and ready to make magic happen in and around her body. We're respected, revered and we know a bit about Sex Magic and Magical Sex. Fine tune your abilities with some anatomy and physiology, understanding of how energy flows and share your ideas, questions and successes in an open format.

Among the topics we'll cover: )
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Here's what's happening at Horizon Oasis:

March 20th 7pm
Horizon Officer Installation Ceremony
followed by
Vespers of Nuit; A Devotional Rite To Nuit
A ritual created by Sor. Ashera based on traditional Gnostic and Orthodox forms. The sources include The Book of the Law and other writings by Aleister Crowley, Fra. Achad, ancient Egyptian prayers Thelemic ritual and original work.

“Having come to sunset and beholding the evening light, We hymn the Lady, Queen of Heaven: Goddess, Meet it is at all times that Thou be hymned with fitting voices.”

March 27th 7pm
HAFLA! Join us for a potluck of snacks and beverages and an exhibition of fabulous belly dancing...followed by open drumming/dancing time!

March 29th 7pm
The Thoth Companion
Fr Osiris will give a lecture based on his book The Thoth Companion: The Key to the True Symbolic Meaning of the Thoth Tarot. Aleister Crowley's Thoth tarot--one of the most respected yet enigmatic tarot decks of all time--offers rich rewards for those who can penetrate its complex symbolism. This lecture will examine the true symbolic meaning of the Thoth deck. Afterward he will be signing books and answering questions.

April 5th
The Stele of Revealing and The Abomination of Desolation

A lecture by Norman Fleck followed by a ritual by Michael Kolson.

In the lecture, we will explore the historical and symbolic aspects of the Stele of Revealing and the known history of Ankh-af-na-Khonsu. We will also examine the history of its discovery at the Museum in Egypt and its importance and place in Thelemic theory and practice.

The ritual “The Abomination of Desolation” is a participatory and Eucharistic dramatization of the Stele of Revealing designed to invoke the forces of the Aeon. Attendees that are interested in participating to the fullest should be familiar with adorations described in Liber Resh vel Helios. This is not however necessary to attend.

Cost is $15.00. Visit for more information and to buy tickets online.

April 8th-1st Day 7pm

Liber al vel Legis Chapter 1 Reading followed by Liber NU Meditation

April 9th-2nd Day 7pm

Liber al vel Legis Chapter 2 Reading followed by Liber HAD Meditation

April 10th-3rd Day 7pm

Liber al vel Legis Chapter 3 Reading followed by Hands of Kali - Belly Tarot

The belly tarot is Hands of Kali's unique method of giving the audience a tarot reading using improvisational bellydance to interpret the cards as they're chosen. This very special presentation utilizes the stunning visual imagery of The Tarot of the Pomegranate and powerful text from Scarlet Foundry Tarot.
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Cross posted for at least on person of my friends list who was interested in going.

Jon's Goetia class: behind the cut )

Temple Pix

Aug. 30th, 2007 08:32 pm
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For those who have been patiently are pictures of our baby!

That would be the Horizon Temple )


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