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We had a great time over the weekend. The weather was wonderful and we had a lot of fun.

Left early Thursday for Newport, OR and stayed at the Anchor Pier on the bayfront.
Overall good, but before I recommend it let me describe it...

On the bay, which means there is lots of activity. Fishing boats, tourists, and sea lions (that bark). Now the hotel knows that the noise could be an issue, so they are prepared. Each room has a "white noise" machine that emits waves sounds. There is also a ceiling fan and two sets of ear plugs available...but still, if you're sensative to the noise you wont enjoy it.

I must have been really tired...and the bed was super comfy, so I slept juuust fine!

I also wouldn't recommend the place to anyone who doesn't do stairs well, as the second floor rooms are only accessable by a long flight of stairs.

We spent the first afternoon interviewing a Sister living in Newport who is formerly of the L.A. area. Cynthia was really involved in the Rites a few years back and she was a lot of fun to talk to.

In other news, the bayfront is completely lacking in coffee before 10:00 a.m.!! OMG! And there was no breakfast to be had either. We hunted and hunted for an open place for breakfast and settled on the Pig and Pancake. Never have we been so disgusted. About three bites each and we had to stop. Jon actually thought he might hurl.

We left and decided that we couldn't eat anything until our stomachs settled, so we went to the Oregon Coast Aquarium to check it out. Afterwards we went to the Rogue Brewery for some beer tasting and some real food. We were not dissapointed! We left feeling a little buzzed and a lot happy. After a short walk to enjoy the sunshine we headed off to Waldport to meet the fam.

Mom and dad, Kevin and his gf Jill, the nephews and the dogs arrived at our vacation rental shortly after we did. We spent the next three days enjoying beach walks, card games, Jon's guitar, reading, sitting around the fire, and the amazing weather. It was incredibly relaxing and I'm so glad we went.

So we're home now and gearing up for the week. Things are still busy, but moving ahead. I'm just glad we had the chance to get away this summer if only for a few days.
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It's been *absolutely* *nuts* this week, yet again. Adrenaline don't fail me now.

We had our Mercury auditions last week, Tuesday and Thursday, and a few have spilled over to this week and possibly next, since we're flexible that way. But, *O*M*G* our cast is going to be awesome. I just came home from an again! do again!

Friday, super early, [ profile] jonah777 and I flew to Orange County to get the low down on the history of the Rites of Eleusis in the early O.T.O. in North America. We have stories on video tape and photographic evidence! Bwah ha ha! It was an amazing time. I worked hard to archive and scan, but left feeling happy in a "I just had a vacation" way.

I made my work deadline, only to have CBL and I decide that we need another month to make my awesome work even BETTER. So, I'm tweaking the finer points this week and continuing to work extra hours. This is a good thing on payday, but makes it hard to get to other things like memorizing 3 different scripts that are on my plate right now, finishing my ROM notes, and getting organized in a handful of other projects.

BUT, this weekend is less scheduled than others. I'm deacon for Mass on Saturday...that's pretty much it. So I'll be spending a lot of time getting caught up on things, including housework, since we have house guests next week for Kaaba.

That's right. Next week is Kaaba Colloquium and out of town awesomeness! I'll also be doing a lot of Mercury work and at some point trying to fit in a trip to Olympus to soak my aching bod.


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